About Us

stock-photo-23223288-business-peopele-having-meeting-in-office AppScheduling.com was designed and developed to be used by any type of business needing a website to accept service calls, take bookings, and make appointments from their customers. It was born from the construction industry where a great need was discovered for the contractors, as well as for the customers they were servicing in the form of conveniently scheduling appointments and identifying services they desired.

Having a website that could actually increase and handle service calls from their customers would increase the contractor's sales and also help them retain those new customers for future business. Meaning even in depressed economy AppScheduling.com contractors can actually separate from the fierce competition the economic downturn was causing. Essentially, the site would make them stand out from the crowd by both attracting and retaining customers!

stock-photo-6372361-close-up-of-a-happy-senior-architect-holding-documents AppScheduling.com should be used to help the customer enhance their experience with the contractor, help the contractor increase sales, and open opportunities for more prospects to be introduced to their business. Trying to do this on a customer-by-customer basis would be very time consuming and extremely expensive for any contractor. With AppScheduling.com, all the upfront costs of creating a website for contractors with the high cost of programming each individual site are taken care of!

AppScheduling.com handles all of the complex coding, leaving the contractor to only need to add in a small bits of information specific to their individual products and services. AppScheduling.com creates an environment of simplicity and ease of doing business for both the contractor and the customer. As an additional benefit AppScheduling.com has included a website development feature! This feature allows companies without websites to select a format from a variety of templates provided by the AppScheduling.com team to create a personalized website for their company if they do not already have one.

Many companies do not have the means to accept credit cards from their websites. So, AppScheduling.com includes an additional feature allowing companies to accept payments from their customers with credit cards directly from their websites with no sign up fees, no approvals needed, and no monthly maintenance fees.

AppScheduling.com was developed to take any business service request or order for all service type industries; such as, auto dealerships, service garages, hotel, car rental, pet shops, electricians, skilled trades and many more. The site will also make appointments for business such as hair salons, doctor's offices, and/or attorneys.